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What did you say? Don’t Drink and Drive?

I’ve heard it a hundred times if  I have heard it once. Its even on Billboards from time to time but I have never quite understood it. You’ve heard and read it too

“Don’t drink and drive”

Now I realize this is fine and good for the casual drinker. You know the few who may have a few and realize “hey something is not quite right here. Everything feels just a little off.”

However so often we hear of an accident where the driver was way over the legal alcohol level and occasionally we even see videos of them getting out of the car barely able to stand up straight and I often wonder  – How are these guys going to be able to remember and decide not to “drink and drive” when they can’t even figure out how to stand up straight?

The answer of  course is that they can’t make such an informed decision. So this begs the question of whether the millions we spend on advertising the message of not drinking and driving would be better spent utilizing a message that is more aimed at the preparation not to drink and drive.

Perhaps no other systematic solution for drinking and driving has been more successful than the practice of using a designated driver  and yet very few public ad dollars are spent propagating the  virtue of being a designated driver and making sure there is a designated driver within a drinking group.

Ben Walters  a local attorney in my area sees these drinking and driving cases on a regular basis and also believes that culpability should more often placed on drinking spots and believe they have at the least a moral obligation to make sure their regular patrons  have such “buddy systems” set up .

“Its really just common sense.  Your customers can’t spend money with you if they are dead and or locked up”

When he speaks about presentation I tend to listen because  his job is actually defending those who are arrested for DUI.

When a person makes a suggestion that could hurt their pocket I know I am on to something